Black Beach

The Prime Minister’s son is kidnapped. A deep state conspiracy lurks in the halls of power. A daring rescue mission is planned to get him back. 

Stirling Hunt was out. He’d left international espionage behind and disappeared into the underworld of Eastern Europe in search of answers after a life of violence. But, when the Prime Minister’s son is kidnapped, British Intelligence turn to the only covert operative they know who can get him back.

The hostages are being held deep in the west African jungle. And the hostage-taker is demanding something the UK Government cannot give. With the Prime Minister losing patience and ready to invade, the countdown to war has started.

Someone knows who was behind the kidnapping and Stirling Hunt, a black-ops specialist with clandestine services, is drawn back into the murk of international espionage, where the people smile to your face and hold knives behind their backs.

While others are plotting to start a war, Stirling knows he needs to find answers. As powerful forces in the deep state conspire to overthrow the Government of the mineral rich African country, can Stirling Hunt uncover the plot, save the hostages, and avert disaster before it’s too late?


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