English Assassin

What kind of man is willing to kill for his country …

… without putting on a uniform?

Hunt was a gifted university student, Olympic-level athlete, and he was in love. Until the day she was taken from him. After proposing to his beautiful American fiancée, she is killed in a deadly terrorist attack. With the CIA and MI6 unable or unwilling to bring the rogue international terrorists to justice, Stirling Hunt decides to take matters into his own hands.

Three months after the attack on the Twin Towers…

Hunt drops out of university and disappears. He pops up in Cairo and onto the international intelligence agencies’ radar. A rollercoaster is set in motion as Hunt is recruited into the uppermost echelon of the United Kingdom’s Special Forces.

Two days before Christmas…

Hunt is in a race against the clock to stop his nation’s enemies by any means necessary. A man with nothing left to live for and everything left to kill for. Nothing is going to stand in his way.

One cargo ship containing a massive chemical weapon is heading towards London…

The quest to catch her killers takes him from Egypt, to the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan, as he seeks retribution against a terrorist mastermind at the top of al Qaeda. With the clock ticking and thousands of innocent lives on the line, this is an unstoppable thrill ride about a young man primed to become the English Assassin.

If you like Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Gregg Hurwitz’s Evan Smoak, or Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon you won’t be able to put down the compulsively addictive Stirling Hunt series.


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