Red Vendetta

A British diplomat is murdered in cold blood. An enemy assassin is stalking London. A final confrontation with his past begins.

Stirling Hunt is on a top secret counter intelligence operation with one mission: protect the asset. When a high ranking Army General is assassinated in London’s Chinatown, the tables are turned. Now it is: find the killer.

A top secret video tape is leaked that seems to implicate the assassin, and Hunt is suspected of murder. With no way to clear his name, he does something he has never done: he runs.

Someone has framed him for the murder, but who? With the agency on his tail, an enemy assassin in pursuit, can Hunt find the evidence and prove his innocence, before he is captured and tried for treason?

Red Vendetta is an adrenaline fuelled chase from London to Moscow. Hunt is pursued by operatives from The Clubhouse, an lethal enemy assassin, and a past he cannot outrun. Stirling will fight to clear his name, or die trying.


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